Stunning Memoir Of A Woman Who Loves A Pathological Liar Champions The Cause Of Millions Of WomenTrapped In An Unhealthy Relationship


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    “In a candid memoir, a woman traces the trajectory of her addictive relationship with a manipulative sociopath. A chilling dissection of entrapment in and escape from an abusive relationship. Virginia realized that her marriage was not sustainable and Liam was a danger to her family’s livelihood and her own emotional stability. But getting away from an experienced schemer who had embedded himself in her life and her heart would not be easy.


    Bennett’s memoir of her painful second marriage is honest and intimately revealing. As the details of Liam’s abuses mount, it becomes increasingly hard to understand why Virginia doesn’t end the relationship much sooner, but she does a skillful job of conveying the isolation and loss of personal power women experience in emotionally abusive marriages.”

    --Kirkus Reviews