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    A Remarkable Story of Awakening and Resilience! 5 Stars on Amazon

    “Virginia Bennet shares a compelling story about a sociopath who charms her into an elegant web of deceit, lies, and almost financial ruin. Told with grace and honesty, she paints a picture of a woman swept up and carried away from her family heritage, her worthiness, and the resourcefulness that will ultimately save her from ruin. As the red flares of her Romeo’s cunning plot begin to unfold, so does Virginia’s denial. As the dysfunction of the relationship with her new husband threatens the livelihood and legacy of her family’s sprawling almond farm, Bennett shares her thought process as she slowly unravels this fairytale turned nightmare. A remarkable story of awakening and resilience and one woman’s healing journey back home to the truth inside her heart.”

    Loved It, 5 Stars Barnes & Noble Review

    “I couldn't put it down! Bennett very candidly takes you through her discoveries of being in unhealthy and deceptive relationships. This book is helpful in bringing awareness to unhealthy, harmful behaviors. I wish I would have had this book a long time ago, it would have spared me a lot of unnecessary painful experiences. Any kind of abuse should not be tolerated. It is a story of courage, survival, and hope.”

    Wonderful Book, 5 Stars Barnes & Noble Review

    “When women suffer abuse, no matter what kind, help can come from a myriad of places. Thank you, Virginia Bennett, for sharing your story and helping other women recognize deception and heal. This book is easy to read, yet challenges the reader to look at the true motives of people and trust your instincts. This is a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it.”

    Loved It, 5 Stars Barnes & Noble Review

    “The details and the way she wrote and I felt every bit as if it were me in the story. I tend to forget what I was reading almost immediately after, but this book was so engaging that is not the case here! So many of her situations were relatable, especially as women and what we tolerate from others. Abuse is abuse, whether psychological or physical, and nobody deserves to be treated that way.”

    Jennifer Raftis, CPO, CEO, and Founder of Efficiency Matters, LLC

    "This book gave me chills. We have all been in relationships where we ignored the red flags that were obvious to everyone around us except ourselves. Being able to put a label on this phenomenon was incredibly eye-opening. As Virginia gets deeper and deeper in danger of losing her family farm, kids, and parents to a pathological love relationship, I found myself unable to put the book down."

    Reading "Snowed" Might Assist Young Women to Avoid the Agony of Deception, 5 stars on Amazon, Peter Barglow, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, UC Davis Medical School

    “The reviewer, Peter Barglow, MD has been a Professor of Psychiatry at U.C. Davis Medical School. His articles depict women who suffer trauma inflicted by males. He finds wisdom here in regard to female danger and pain produced by clever amoral selfish men. The smart author Virginia Bennett, tells how she was deceived by such a man. She reveals the many clues, she missed, most useful for self-protection from such clever predators. Book is valuable source of emotional protection for too many vulnerable women.”