• Are You In Love With A Fraud? 

    “I was in an unhealthy marriage with a man who turned out to be cruel, selfish, and abusive,” says Virginia Bennett, the author of Snowed, which reveals how she fell in love with a pathological liar and eventually mustered the courage to leave him. “Many guys snow women, making them think they are loved and cared for, but in reality, these demented men mistreat, lie, and even steal from them.” She should know. It happened to her. Now she wants to empower and inform women on how they can protect themselves against predatory men.


    Are you a target of some guys with an attractive smile but who harbors dark secrets? Are you currently dating a guy who has ulterior motives? Are you trying to recover from an abusive relationship? Here are some steps women can take to help insulate

    themselves against sociopathic relationships:


    Don’t be so willing to give people the benefit of doubt. Let others prove their loyalty and honesty.


    Don’t make excuses when you see red flags.


    Don’t let loneliness lead to desperation. Men prey on women who need love.


    Even if you think a guy is great, conduct some type of background check on him. Research the things he tells you about himself.


    When a guy starts asking for money and promises to pay you back or that it is just a temporary thing, run. He needs to be financially solvent to be with you.


    If he tries to put a wedge between you and trusted family members, or close friends, question why this is happening. Sabotage is one of the tools of guys looking to control you.


    If he makes you question or abandon your religious faith, he’s not the right guy. He doesn’t have to convert to your beliefs-but he shouldn’t undermine yours.


    Sociopaths often disregard the feelings of others and rules of any kind. They lack genuine loyalty. Is he really into you – or do you just hope he is?


    When a guy puts his needs first, before family, his selfishness will extend to you. Avoid such a self-centered man.